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Founder - Todd W. Frederick
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"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Matt.10:30
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'Grand Strand Hair Paste' 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' is your best alternative to "Gritty Business."
Absolutely Beachy ENT, Featuring 'Grand Strand Hair Paste'
     Having founded Absolutely Beachy in 2014, I have been quietly formulating and refining what we believe to be the best hair paste on the market. I created 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' originally as an equal to, or even better than, KM's "Gritty Business." In early 2017, I was shocked to find "Gritty Business" no longer available and we soon discovered that Absolutely Beachy's 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' will be without much, if not any, competition.
     My wife, Heather, has "straight as a board" hair like mine so she loves to use her beachy waver to set in some nice curls. Her curls will stay in on low humidity days here in Upstate SC but within an hour, the curls fall out on rainy or high humidity days. Recently, while vacationing in Melbourne Beach, FL., she curled her hair and worked in some 'Grand Strand Hair Paste.' Even though we were staying at an oceanside resort, Heather's curls stayed in longer all day; more than had she not applied our AB product. Then we thought, our hair paste formula has one more great attribute: it locks in the curls and keeps out the humidity; thus, eliminating the need for hairspray and the "concrete hair" that it produces. Her hair was even being conditioned all day through the special formula of organic coconut oil that 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' is comprised of and it wasn't greasy either!
     At the top of this page, click onto the "eBay" button to place your order directly or ask your hair salon to reach out to us to order either the 7.5g sample size, 2.5 oz "travel size" or the 4 oz jars. In doing so you will have happy hair again,

Todd W Frederick
Founder of Absolutely Beachy (AB) Products
Piedmont, SC 29673 USA