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   Here at 'Absolutely Beachy', we have carefully crafted an all out fanastic hair paste product that's been in the making since 2014. It contains coconut oil, beeswax, 15 minerals, salt, plus a few other ingredients. It's called 'Grand Strand Hair Pair' and it is paraben-free and never tested on animals. We believe our newly introduce 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' is second to none and it will be a sexy alternative to "Gritty Business," which recently exited the market.

   We are glad to announce that 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' by Absolutely Beachy ENT is available to you in 3 sizes: 4 oz, 2.5 oz and .26 oz. btw - Bookmark this page and request to be placed on our email list so you can be  alerted when special discount offers are offered when other new products are rolled out. Now, order a jar of 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' and have that "back from the surf" look. You're gonna love it!

   Send us an Email to sales@absolutelybeachy.com and let us know what size and quantity of 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' you'll be wanting. This far, we are offering 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' (the best hair paste on the market to replace KM's "Gritty Business") in a pina colada scent or without any scent.

   'Grand Strand Hair Paste' will leave you with that salty/sandy feel since it's been formulated with coconut oil and actual Dead Sea powder!
  Order yours today and see why it's 'Absolutely Beachy'!

Todd W Frederick
ph. 1-864-845-WTSA
"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

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Grand Strand Hair Paste by Absolutely Beachy...   
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Absolutely Beachy's 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' is your best alternative to ''Gritty Business''
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- Matthew 10:30 - KJV
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