We are pleased to present to you 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' in 3 sizes: 4.25 oz (115+ grams), 2.5 oz (70g) and .26 oz (7.5g). Our new hair paste will literally transform your hair; giving you that perfect alternative to KM's "Gritty Business"! We are sure that you will be excited to use our new product which we introduced to the market in mid November 2017. As of October 22, 2018, we've sold and delivered 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' into 16 states (in the USA) and into 7 other countries: Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands and Germany!

  We have been carefully testing and comparing each new batch on our own hair with fabulous results (never on animals.) Now, we no longer have bad hair days! In fact, our hair has gotten fuller, healthier, and even promotes hair growth! We are extremely excited about this hair growth feature and we're sure that you will be too.

  With 'Grand Strand Hair Paste', we're providing to the hair care and styling market a hair paste product: in a "Pina Colada" fragrance. A second formula will be out in a "Teakwood" masculine fragrance which, too, will give you a "back from the surf" knockout hair style for use by men. [Ladies can use it, too: you can decide on that one.] Our motto is 'Don't just fix your hair, feed it.' With either of our formulas, your hair won't be damaged as with other hair products but, instead, you'll be feeding your hair from the roots outward. In the "Teakwood" formula, you'll be getting a stiffer hair styling results, similar to that of "Knight Rider" and our ingredients will promote faster hair growth, even giving the appearance of some reversal of hair loss. I personally have seen a major difference in my own hair over the previous 4 years since using it. We have some pictures from February 2010 that compares with my hair in August 2017 and it shows proven results from using Absolutely Beachy ENT. hair paste products. 

   Check out our informational videos on how you can "be styling" with our new lineup of 'Absolutely Beachy' hair products. Order your jar of 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' today by 'Absolutely Beachy' Hair Products. btw - Bookmark this page so you can easily find us in the future so you can keep that "back from the surf" look. Also, go to our Facebook page: 'Absolutely Beachy' and "Like Us" better yet, we're sure you're gonna absolutely love it!

[As a disclaimer, our hair paste formula will not provide every customer with the same results: some may find various degrees of the hair growth due to one's own personal diet, health conditions. As more time goes on, through our future studies, along with the testimonials from you, our customers, then we can gauge even more of our product lines' effectiveness and satisfaction arising from a broader knowledge base.]

  Here at 'Absolutely Beachy', we have carefully created an all out fanastic matte, pliable hair paste product that has been in the making since 2014. It will provide you with the finest oil and mineral based ingredients that are second to none.
Absolutely Beachy ENT, Featuring 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' 'GRAND STRAND HAIR PASTE' by 'Absolutely Beachy ENT.' is         your best alternative to "Gritty Business."
Grand Strand Hair Paste results: With and Without; Before and After Pictures
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Absolutely Beachy ENT, Featuring 'Grand Strand Hair Paste' Welcome to 'Absolutely Beachy' Hair Products
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